Then one day on early 1980 I walked into Frank’s company to see him and as I did the phone rang and the secretary answered and put the person on hold and told me to wait, she would be right back.  She returned and said no one was there and the person on the phone wanted to know about the vehicle stands.  I did not know all about them but told her I would talk to him.  It was someone from Intermountain Volkswagen in Salt Lake City, UT.  He said he had seen our vehicle stand while in San Diego and wanted some information about them.  I talked to him about how they worked and he said he wanted one so I got his name, address, and phone number.  When Frank returned I told him I had talked to a person that had called in and he wanted one of the car stands handing him the note.  Frank said, “I’ll pay you for that”, and I said, “Give me the phone.”

At first it was slow as no one knew what I was talking about when I called them and told them what we had that would help them make more sales and I would mail them a couple of photographs.  One dealer in Southern California said he liked them but was not sure and after talking for a few minutes four or five times over a few days I told him I would bring two of them up and set them up on his lot for thirty days.  After thirty days he could tell me, get them out of here or pay me for them.

Thirty days later I gave him a call and he said, “I have good news and bad news.  We want these two and two more just like them.”  I said, “OK, what’s the bad news?”, and he asked, “Can we do the same thing with four of them at the new Mitsubishi store.  I know they want them, they just want thirty days to pay.”  I said, “Sure, what’s the bad news?”

car display rampOver the years I have had hundreds of customers buy one to try the vehicle platform out and then buy more.  The Chrysler Zone Office in Houston, TX bought five of the vehicle display platforms and put them out at car washes.  Having good luck with them they then ordered seventy more and we shipped them to various dealers in their zone, some got one, and some two, three, and some four.

One day I got a call from someone in New York that said he saw one of our platforms in San Francisco, CA on his way through and wanted to know if we could ship it to Guam.  I said we could and have since shipped them quite a few.

We have shipped our car stands all over the world since then.

Lomas Ford in Mexico City was one of our first out of the country customers for our vehicle display racks. Charlie Auto Sales in Puerto Rico is another good customer buying multiple car racks from us.

Auto Centro in El Salvador purchased a rotating vehicle display from us and liked it so well they bought five more.

Numerous other companies have purchased one rotating display from us and then placed additional orders for more rotating displays from us.

Automotive Promotional Displays is the original manufacturer of vehicle display platforms and builds the best car ramps, truck ramps, and ramps for vans, and SUVs. We have been building car stands years longer than any other company selling car display platforms.  We use tubing for all legs and braces whereas others use angle iron.

Not only do we make the models shown, but we also make custom car displays and vehicle ramps to fit your own needs and usage.
It will be your best 24/7 marketing tool.

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