Nowadays, it’s very common for people to acquire vehicles that use fuel more efficiently than traditional gasoline-powered options. The most overall efficient car stands out as the Honda Insight hybrid, which grabs top honors because of 60 mpg in the city and out on the highway, it gets 66 mpg. The Insight’s layout features tires that are low resistant and takes advantage of the combined electric and gas performance. The Insight has not been a great choice for everyone though resulting from limited seating space and other stylistic quirks.

Motorcycle Ramp

Motorcycle Ramp

Leastwise the most efficient mid-sized car, the Toyota Prius hybrid, is big enough to transport up to five people. Aided by the gasoline engine and electric motor, the Prius will generate a total of 110 HP, and gets 51 mpg in the city and 48 on the highway. The Prius is a more driver compatible vehicle than the Insight, and as a result of its sleek shape, it has a low coefficient drag allowing it to be a larger car. The most affordable American hybrid is reputedly the Honda Civic which happens to be an extremely efficient compact car that gets nearly 50 mpg in both city and freeway driving. The Civic hybrid is known as a leading competitor in its class due to its improved design over the regular Civic as well as the 110 HP output.

As far as efficient subcompact vehicles, the Volkswagen Beetle diesel is number one in that category. It does not sound that powerful at 100 HP, however it does have 177 lb-foot of torque. Car brand names Pontiac and Toyota coupled for a top efficiency station wagon that can get up to 30 mpg in city driving and close to 40 mpg on the open road. General Motors and Toyota came up with Pontiac Vibe along with the Toyota Matrix through a joint venture effort. The majority of the design and technological innovation came from General Motors, but they both have engines from Toyota. The Matrix and Vibe have efficiency, elegance and smoothness, but they are certainly not going to win any street race with their 1.8L 4 cylinder engine, that produces 126 HP.

custom_2The Hyundai Sonata is the best car in terms of efficiency rating for big cars as it receives 24 mpg in city driving and almost 35 mpg in freeway driving. This came as a serious shock because there was a great deal of stiff competition. The 2.4 L 4 cylinder engine is truly requesting yet runs and responds well. The suspension is somewhat soft and designed more toward comfort than its ability to handle the vehicle. Even though it can’t compare to a BMW, it is very well built. Obviously, Hyundai has stopped being regarded as a second-rate producer.

Currently, drivers have a multitude of selections when it comes to buying fuel-efficient vehicles as new ones are continually being manufactured. Since a lot more people hope to conserve energy, you don’t have to be limited to only buying cars with a certain type of engine.

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