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by Adrien Gilbo

If you own a car dealership, Car Ramps and Car Displays can help promote your sales greatly. How many times have you driven past a huge auto dealer’s lot and never paid attention to what they had for sale?   Unfortunately that is more common than you might think especially in areas where there are several dealerships in close proximity to each other.

In these days of a lowered economy, auto dealership sales are not as high as in past times.  This means that they simply have to compete a little bit harder in order to draw in customers. It is a given fact that eye-catching car ramps often draws in passersby more effectively than just rows and rows of vehicles sitting out in a lot that looks more like a parking lot than some place you want to  stop and shop.

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42 Level Auto Display Ramp


Auto trade shows are the same way- if your display is not loaded with pizzazz and eye-catching displays then people are going to just keep walking no matter how innovative or technologically advanced your latest creation happens to be.

If you don’t capture a potential buyer’s attention then you don’t sell cars. It is that simple.  Boring car displays do not attract attention and do not make potential buyers stop and look at them. Custom car ramps are eye catching.

If there are dozens of vehicles parked next to each other and nothing to make them distinguishable other than the fact they are different colors, then about the only thing that is going to make a person stop and inquire is someone who is already in the market for a new vehicle. Car Ramps are effective for all dealerships.


High Quality Car Ramps

Many automobile dealer lots built next to interstates and main highways often have views of their display lots partially obscured because of high retainer walls.  This type of obstruction can result in fewer passersby seeing all the cars, trucks and vans that a dealer has for sale and also in decreased sales. Car ramps help overcome this issue.

Whether you are a car dealership, an auto body shop, an auto garage, a chassis manufacturer or a truck paint shop. You always have “works of art” that you would like to show off to customers and prospective clients alike. But who would look at your “master pieces” of your vehicle displays are in the parking lot or in some shed tucked away at the back of your shop? Instead, using uniquely constructed car ramps to showcase your work makes a lot of sense.

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