Automobile showroom displays
If you’re looking for the best automobile showroom displays, call Automotive Promotional Displays. We ship car showroom displays to dealerships across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Car showroom displays

Many automobile dealer lots built next to interstates and main highways often have views of their display lots partially blocked because of high retainer walls. This type of obstruction can result in fewer passersby seeing the cars, trucks and vans that a dealer has for sale and also in decreased sales.

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Automotive Promotional Products is the original producer of vehicle display racks and makes the top car displays designed for vehicles, trucks, vans, and SUVs. We have been building vehicle stands years longer than any other corporation selling car display platforms. We use tubing for all legs and braces whereas others use angle iron.
We make all of the models that are listed and pictured on our website, as well as we can make custom racks and platforms. We are known for making incredible custom racks for any car or truck including semi rigs!

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