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Whether you are a car dealership, an auto body shop, an auto garage, a chassis manufacturer or a truck paint shop. You always have “works of art” that you would like to show off to customers and prospective clients alike. But who would look at your “master pieces” of your vehicle displays are in the parking lot or in some shed tucked away at the back of your shop? Instead, using uniquely constructed automobile display ramps to showcase your work makes a lot of sense.

Some businesses are fortunate in that they are located on prime customer facing real estate, and are able to command an unobstructed view. Many workshops, garages and auto dealerships are not so lucky however. And those that started their businesses many years ago on open ranges and at highway sides, have invariably found that city and town developers have all but cut off their view.

If you are one of those unfortunate body shoppers or garage owners who feel your vehicle displays are no longer visible to passers and drivers by, then you should consider using well designed automobile display ramps to address the situation.

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In these tough economic times, every incremental sale for struggling businesses is a lifeline to survival. Sadly, not every small or medium enterprise has a large war chest TV and newspaper advertisement. Most rely on displaying their handiwork at road shows, local fairs and exhibitions and specifically on their own premises. Low-cost, well-constructed vehicle displays are a great way to make sure your cars, trucks, bodies and chassis are elegantly displayed. Like the old saying goes: If it has bells, it sells. But if you don’t show it, customers won’t know it!  Automobile display ramps, such as those designed and manufactured by Automotive Promotional Displays, are the best way to show your work to the world.

Why pay hundreds of dollars for billboard space or neon signs that really can’t be carted around to where people might congregate – like town halls, village fairs, county exhibitions. These fixed advertising modes could also easily be blocked from view is a new development rises in front of them.  The best vehicle displays are those that can move with your cars and automobiles.  You can take your automobile display ramps on road trips and position them at prime spots where the biggest audience can view them.

Unlike fixed advertisements, display ramps available at Automotive Promotional Displays can be used over and over again, at different venues, with different settings, and in changing arrangements. Each time you make a sale through one of those ramps, you’re Return on Investment (ROI) increases, allowing you to invest in many more ramps if you choose to.

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