Not that many years ago, you were probably driving along the highway and all you saw were American-made vehicles. When the earliest foreign-made cars started making their way to the US, it wasn’t that noticeable in the beginning, but now there is a new generation of car buyers, who wouldn’t even think about purchasing an American-made automobile. From the time Daimler Benz bought out the Chrysler business, important things have changed.

"car ramp"A lot of the manufacturing, done by American car companies, comes about in other countries, so it is getting hard to see their cars as truly American. They may have started in America, and in that sense, they are American corporations, but now they’re multi-national corporations with the goal of only making money, and without any national allegiance whatsoever. The former days are gone and don’t anticipate them to return. Despite the layoffs and cost-cutting in the U.S. Automotive industry, you’ll still find some of the American spirit alive in some cars.The excitement about foreign-made cars exists, and the automotive market has become as multi-cultural as the people in the United States. But, do they have the same heart as an American car, especially for a person born in this country? Most of the Japanese cars might go a lot faster, and will last longer than a lot of American cars, but do any of them have the style or grace of a corvette or a Viper. The more mature age bracket embraced the power and styling of the American muscle cars. The time America was once the most prosperous nation, American cars ruled the automobile industry. This was before more fuel-efficient compact foreign cars began to dominate the car market.

Motorcycle 2If you have happy memories of the great American sports car, you might consider getting that car instead of the technologically advanced machines of today. It was back in the fifties and sixties, when American automobiles had steel chassis that would keep together, and take years of abuse. All those cars seemed more safe and secure than any compact car being built today. Days gone by of American vehicles are over, especially with all the panic over fuel efficiency and the environment. These cars are becoming collector’s items but you might even see some of them out on the road causing memories of a time gone by.Everything in life must change and move on and forward. But periodically it is fun to remember the good things of days gone by, such as the first car you owned, or the cars you dreamed about as a child.

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